Doula Services

What is a doula?

Corrine and AlinaA doula is a greek word meaning womens servant – Today it means a woman offering emotional and physical support to a pregnant and birthing mother. Essentially we “mother the mother” on her journey into becoming a parent.

Why engage a doula?

Because a doula provides non biased information you can be well informed before entering into the journey of birth.

Benefits of engaging a doula

A recent review of many studies from around the world have concluded that a doula’s support is more effective than hospital staff, friends or family. You can read the review here.

Studies (and reviews of the studies) consistently demonstrate very impressive benefits for the mother, father and baby, including:

  • 50% fewer caesarean sections
  • Reduction in the use of forceps vacuum by 40%
  • 60% fewer requests for epidurals
  • 40% reduction in the use of synthetic oxytocin for inductions or augmentations
  • 30% reduction in use of pain medication
  • 25% reduction in labour length
  • Increased rates of breastfeeding at 6 weeks post-partum (51% vs 29%)
  • Higher self-esteem (74% vs 59%), less anxiety (28% vs 40%) and less depression (10% vs 23%) at 6 weeks post-partum

Birth InSight Doula Services

  • Intial meeting – Free of charge
  • 2 -3 meetings before birth discussing birth wishes, talking about your options, links to information, fears or concerns, previous experiences if its not your first baby
  • Ongoing support though your pregnancy via phone and email
  • On Call for you from 38-42 weeks
  • Support in the early stages of labour and then with you for  the duration of your labour and birth.
  • 2 meetings post birth debriefing birth, and offering support for you and your baby

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